Profit from our experience in health therapy!

Do you have acute health problems on your trip? Or have you been plagued by chronic ailments for a long time? We can often help you improve your health through our holistic approach.

Especially in the area of back pain we have had very good experiences with our Dorn-Stone method of treatment. This is the ideal way to relieve pain after the often long, sedentary journey, so that you can enjoy your holiday right from the start. Book the package“Start of your holiday” at the same time. In the case of chronic back problems, we will develop an individual programme for you which can alleviate the problems and – provided you cooperate – permanently improve your back health. Our“Back-Fit” packages consist of a combination of treatments (Dorn-Stone therapy), massages and optional muscle training to specifically build up weakened muscles.

If you would like individual advice on this before your trip, please feel free to contact us.

For acute complaints, our proven ultrasound therapy or kinesio tapes also help.

In our ultrasound therapy, an anti-inflammatory – and, if necessary, pain-relieving – ointment is infiltrated deep into the tissue by ultrasound to reach the affected areas, such as the ankle joint.

The Kinesio-Tape stabilizes in case of injuries or inflammations of muscles, ligaments or joints and does not restrict the mobility.